How to Become a Bookkeeper A Complete Guide

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In all, you will get a chance to dip your toe into a role as a bookkeeper. Intuit is dedicated to providing its employees with the ability to learn and grow throughout their time with our company. Once candidates are hired as employees, they will be provided with training assignments and other resources that prepare them for their positions. Intuit provides its employees with supplemental learning materials after training has been completed to assist employees in developing their skills. As more people move to working from home, freelancing, or starting their own businesses, you may want to learn how to become a virtual bookkeeper.


Not only will this work add up to your credibility, but it’ll also allow you to get in contact with people within the industry. If you want to test the waters first and see if this job is a good fit for you, you can apply for a bookkeeping internship. This way, you’ll see and know first-hand how bookkeepers work and learn techniques you can use for your own business. After learning everything you should know about the industry online, it’s time to test your skills offline. ClickAccounts is a company that hires bookkeepers and accountants to work virtually for them full-time. As a full-time employee, there is an expectation of greatness that comes along with this.

While they only accept accredited tax and accounting professionals, they allow you to work on your own schedule and help you develop a business. Generally speaking, bookkeeping is a good place to start if you are an aspiring accountant. Bookkeeping has lower barriers to entry and a lower salary than accounting positions. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of bookkeeping and where you can find online bookkeeping jobs. Services likeVIPkid connect you with students in China, and pay up to $22 an hour. Teaching English online is something you can do from the comfort of your home, without the additional risks and costs, but there are a few requirements to get started.

Bookkeeper (part-time)

And because of the time zone differences, this gig usually takes place in the early morning hours. In an interesting turn of events, her bookkeeping business spun off another side hustle. What started out as offering advice to people in a financial independence Facebook group, turned into a small concentrated group of people in her own Facebook group. Her monthly real estate meetup group was hosting a speed networking night. Kate decided to go along and hand out Post-it notes — she wasn’t prepared enough to have business cards — introducing herself as a freelance bookkeeper. “You’re really talking about people’s livelihoods here,” Kate explained.

  • Established in 2008, BIDaWIZ is an online platform that gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to working as an employed or freelance bookkeeper.
  • Prepare everything you’ll need now so you can build a legal business as a part-time bookkeeper.
  • While they only accept accredited tax and accounting professionals, they allow you to work on your own schedule and help you develop a business.
  • Bookkeeping lays the groundwork for many accounting processes, so you can use your experience and knowledge as a stepping stone to becoming an accountant.

She recommended aspiring bookkeepers either gain certification in Quickbooks or Xero, as these are the two most popular online accounting software programs. Still, Kate added that all of the major bookkeeping software providers have their own certification programs. By taking these, you can demonstrate you’re proficient in using their software. But you’ll still need a foundational education on the rules of accounting. Side Hustle Show listener Kate Johnson started her bookkeeping business in 2017, and now serves several recurring clients.

Back Office Expert Bookkeeper (Remote/ Year Round)

Self-taught bookkeepers use a variety of courses, seminars, books, and other online resources to learn about bookkeeping and accounting. You can also learn how to use accounting software, like QuickBooks, which can teach you about the basics of bookkeeping as well as the technology used by many businesses. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial events that take place in a company. Any process of recording financial data is considered bookkeeping and is the first step of data entry into the accounting system. Standard methods of bookkeeping are the double-entry bookkeeping system and the single-entry bookkeeping system. Good bookkeeping practices are essential for a business to succeed, especially when it comes to the tax-paying season.

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The role can function as a part-time job to supplement other income, or you can be a full-time bookkeeper. If you become a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper, you can work from home based upon an agreed schedule at a set hourly rate based on your location, interview, and experience level. QuickBooks Live connects bookkeepers with small businesses that need help doing their books. Bookkeepers are responsible for recording financial transactions related to the business. While most bookkeepers work with businesses, some individuals may also choose to hire a bookkeeper to track personal finances. One way to think about it is that bookkeepers lay the groundwork for accountants to analyze and prepare financial statements.

Eventually, you can stick to the ones that’ll allow you to serve your clients in the best way possible. Learning a new skill and trying to start your own business at the same time can become overwhelming. Having someone to guide you through the process can take the load off your shoulders and help you focus on what matters.

Please visit for job description, minimum qualifications, and submission requirements.

Is Being an Online Bookkeeper for You?

Instead, let us connect you with a part-time bookkeeper who can quickly get your books up-to-date and prepare you for tax season. The process doesn’t end with establishing your business and getting clients. You also need to stay up-to-date on the latest financial regulations and continuously improve your skills.

Accounting and bookkeeping are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are different roles in the overall finances of a business. Thanks to technology, there are programs that can automatically process a lot of the calculating and sorting that bookkeepers used to do manually. If you like the idea of working from home, but are less thrilled about learning the language of accounting, becoming a virtual assistant might be worth a look. To streamline her bookkeeping work, Kate told me her next steps are to add more processes into her business and outsource some of her monthly work.

This could include how a business tracks client invoices, bills, receipts, or other purchases. Bookkeeping may also include the creation of financial statements and processing payroll. Therefore, there are often opportunities opening up for in-house bookkeepers, remote bookkeepers, or freelance bookkeepers. Upwork, similar to Fiverr and FlexJobs, is an online job board that connects virtual bookkeepers with people who need their services. Many companies hire remote bookkeepers to manage various accounting or clerical tasks.

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At the same time Kate took her bookkeeping course, she was also interested in real estate investing. One challenge with any freelance business is how to connect with clients. A paid course may accelerate your progress and give you confidence, but there’s always a way for bootstrappers to get started on the cheap.

While Kate’s experience is proof you don’t need a website to get started, it can make your business feel more legit to prospective customers . Quickbooks Live – A service that matches Quickbooks customers with qualified remote bookkeepers. The first step to getting started is making sure you have a proper education and understanding of bookkeeping and accounting rules. The virtual network of other bookkeepers is also a great resource. You can work with other bookkeepers and tax experts to share and expand your knowledge.

completed contract method will also provide a webcam, headset, USB hub, Ethernet cable, backdrop, and VPN token. Our experts give you your time back, so you can build your business knowing your books will be accurate and you can use financial data to help you grow. Stop worrying about your business’s financial well-being and tax liability.

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The program includes self-teaching workbooks that prepare you to pass the CB exam. Learn about bookkeeping, typical responsibilities, how to become a bookkeeper, and remote bookkeeping opportunities with Intuit’s QuickBooks Live in the U.S. Our bookkeepers are advanced and certified in industry-leading software. You will always maintain ownership and control of your books while we work inside them. Our bookkeeper has been on top of it and provides monthly reports, so I can literally spend just 10 minutes a month seeing where we are at. Most bookkeepers perform basic data entry, but our experts can go deeper to help interpret the numbers and advise you on the decisions you can make to grow your business.


A couple friends of mine earn a full-time living as “flea market flippers” and put together this free training on how it works. Remote bookkeeping is certainly a viable and high-value side hustle, but it’s not the only option. Side Hustle Nation is filled with creative ways to make extra money.

Our team of contributors loves to uncover inspiring stories and share helpful tips to help power your prosperity. What’s it like to work as a Front Office Expert or Back Office Expert for QuickBooks Live? Watch the videos to find out what a day in the life is like for our Intuit bookkeeping experts. Recording bills and paying invoices; ensuring Accounts Payable is up to date so the company knows what they owe.

  • If you are new to online bookkeeping and want to find some gigs easily, try out Fiverr.
  • She recommended aspiring bookkeepers either gain certification in Quickbooks or Xero, as these are the two most popular online accounting software programs.
  • To do that, you need to get a tax identification number, acquire the licenses and business permits you need, and choose a business structure.
  • When there is a proper system in place that avoids problems such as skimming fraud, the recorded financial data can provide valuable, actionable insight.
  • Randstad is currently seeking candidates for the position of Bookeeper for a Cleveland, TN area office.

According to CostHelper Small Business, people pay around $20 to $50 per hour to avail of the services of an external bookkeeping service. The rate varies depending on the complexity of the scope of work and the location. This means you can enjoy your family and career freedom and have enough finances, all at the same time. Start taking the right steps towards this goal by learning how to become a virtual bookkeeper. They are online bookkeeping and accounting firm specializing in remote work. If you would like to go even further, you can become a licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper, which goes through the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers.

BIDaWIZ offers work-from-home opportunities to people with experience in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, tax managing, and more. Basically, clients can go on and get one-time accounting questions from experts or outsource all their bookkeeping or accounting to a BIDaWIZ member. You can log in from anywhere at any time to help manage your clients’ books or answer questions. Obviously, you can still get bookkeeping jobs without a certification, but becoming certified will allow you to charge more for your services and win you more clients. As an intern, you will learn about the bookkeeping software that the company uses and the various tasks that bookkeepers do on a daily basis. You will also learn about essential programs like a pay stub generator and how to use them as they relate to your position.